Welcome to my Barefoot & Zen website.  My name is Sam.  I am a  Wellness Advocate & Independent Consultant for doTERRA Essential Oils, Reiki Master & Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer & Empath…. and I’m still learning.

Everyday we are bombarded by synthetic chemicals.  In our household cleaners, laundry detergents, hair care products, cosmetics, deodorants, vaccines, medicines, perfumes, nail varnishes, air fresheners…… the list goes on.  The problem is our bodies are organic and have a real hard time trying to process things that aren’t organic ….. such as synthetic chemicals.  Every day we hear more and more reports of research showing the negative effect on our health and wellbeing that these chemicals cause.

Over the last few years I have been on a personal journey.   It started sometime after I became a mum and was trying to ensure I gave my child the best possible start in life, when I started looking at everything which we take as normal in our every day life without really ever questioning it.  Natural wellbeing became the main point of focus and I started looking at different ways of keeping my family healthy without using pharmaceuticals wherever possible.  I learnt about herbalism, essential oils, energy healing and may other areas that could empower me to keep my family healthy without the use of synthetic chemicals.  I then thought, well if we are trying not to put synthetics in our bodies we need to make sure we are living more naturally too.  So I started looking at alternatives to household cleaners, washing detergents, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, etc.

It is an ongoing journey which has so far brought me to this point here.  This website which I created to share what I have learnt and what I continue to learn.  Please take what serves you and leave the rest.

Namaste x