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Anyone for Chai?

Herbal teas are great medicines.  Just the act of relaxing, sitting drinking a cup of tea can re-centre your mind and body, and combine that with some wonderful tea ingredients and you are giving yourself a great big hug. Chai is one tea I have been enjoying a lot through the cold weather.  It's wonderfully… Continue reading Anyone for Chai?

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Glorious Garlic

Getting a cold during the winter months is almost inevitable, and once one person in the home has a cold chances are everyone else will go down with it too.  However before you banish the sniffler and push them away with a pole should they dare to come too close to you with their sneezy… Continue reading Glorious Garlic

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Give Your Nails The Zen Treatment

If your anything like me your hands and nails tend to get neglected.  A lot.  I spend an awful lot of time either in the garden or allotment caked in dirt, stung by nettles and pricked by brambles, and my hands get the worst of it.  This oil blend is a wonderful way to give… Continue reading Give Your Nails The Zen Treatment

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Lavender Essential Oil

SPOTLIGHT ON: Lavender Essential Oil Lavender is usually the oil that people come to first when they delve into the world of essential oils but it is so much more than the room fragrance that most people end up using it for. Lavender is known for its calming effect on us but did you know… Continue reading SPOTLIGHT ON: Lavender Essential Oil
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The Barefoot Yummy But Good For You Chocolate Shake

I have got a cracker of a recipe for you if you like chocolate shakes and to top it all off every single ingredient is good for you. You will need: - Almond milk (I make my own. It's super easy and you know there's no nasties added) - Raw Cacao powder - Raw honey… Continue reading The Barefoot Yummy But Good For You Chocolate Shake

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Theives Oil – The Oil Of Legend

Theives oil is a potent blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils that have a multitude of everyday uses. There are a few different recipes around but the one I use is below. The story goes that in the middle ages, during the black plague epidemic, a group of theives went around… Continue reading Theives Oil – The Oil Of Legend