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Anyone for Chai?

Herbal teas are great medicines.  Just the act of relaxing, sitting drinking a cup of tea can re-centre your mind and body, and combine that with some wonderful tea ingredients and you are giving yourself a great big hug. Chai is one tea I have been enjoying a lot through the cold weather.  It's wonderfully… Continue reading Anyone for Chai?

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Glorious Garlic

Getting a cold during the winter months is almost inevitable, and once one person in the home has a cold chances are everyone else will go down with it too.  However before you banish the sniffler and push them away with a pole should they dare to come too close to you with their sneezy… Continue reading Glorious Garlic
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The Barefoot Yummy But Good For You Chocolate Shake

I have got a cracker of a recipe for you if you like chocolate shakes and to top it all off every single ingredient is good for you. You will need: - Almond milk (I make my own. It's super easy and you know there's no nasties added) - Raw Cacao powder - Raw honey… Continue reading The Barefoot Yummy But Good For You Chocolate Shake